Gymnastics Classes

Our Gymnastic’s Mission is to encourage children and teens to stay active in gymnastics by providing a safe and positive environment where they can be successful and have fun.


SSCC’s gymnastics teacher Danielle Hoffman has been a gymnastics coach and teacher for over 20 years. She is the head coach of the co-op high school varsity gymnastics team for Cohasset / Norwell. She is also the head coach of the varsity cheerleading squad at Cohasset High School.

USA Gymnastics certified, safety certified, CPR/First Aid certified, MIAA certified, concussion certified, safe sport certified, NFHS sport specific.

Irish Step

The Woods School of Irish Dance provides a very friendly and supportive atmosphere offering students the opportunity to participate both individually and as a part of a team. We want children to dance for the love of dance, to smile and to have fun.

Classes for Ages 3+.


Irish Dancing is a great sport. It builds strength, coordination and confidence. Every student at the Woods School decides what he/she wants from Irish Dancing whether it is a highly competitive sport or an activity that promotes physical fitness and friendship. It is up to each individual dancer.

Competitive and Non Competitive options available for both Solo and Team Dancing.

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Our dance teachers want to share their knowledge and love of Irish Dance with parents and students and encourage them to work hard and have fun.


Music Together is a family music class for children ages 0-5.

Session: 10 weeks – 45 minutes per class

Class Description

We sing, we move, we dance and we play with various percussion instruments and movement props. We have fun with large movement activities like dances and small movement activities such as: chants, peek-a-boo, and finger plays. Everybody loves to play along and the children play instruments of their choice! Each registered family will receive a beautiful picture songbook and music to stream of the semester’s song collection.


Music Together® instructor Tracy Durso began teaching at SSCC in 2017. She’s spent her entire life immersed in song and dance, you could even say she grew up with a song in her heart and a swing in her step! As a youngster, she danced in ballet and jazz classes and she sang in her school choir and in community musicals. After she graduated from the Dance Masters of America Teacher Training Program, she taught at a performing arts school for 15 years guiding children of all ages in creative movement, ballet, and jazz. In 2014, Tracy also began teaching movement to toddlers through her Dance Along program. Having participated in Music Together classes with her three children for eight years, she is thrilled to lead these classes now. Tracy loves to share her love of movement and music with others.

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We hope you can join us!


Our goal is to make our students more empowered in life through their practice of Uechi-Ryu Karate at our school. We teach Karate as a complete discipline — Mind, Body and Spirit — which in addition to developing physical defense, encourages the formation of high personal standards and respect for fellow men and women. Through our practice and teaching, we strive every day to produce individuals who are positive, respected and contributing members of our society.

Class Descriptions

Ages 4-6: Classes begin with stretching and strength building exercises. Japanese culture through language are included. Children then learn basic punching and kicking techniques. Listening skills are emphasized. Students learn how to stand up for themselves in simulated bully scenarios. They play games in which they learn to win and lose graciously. Balance and coordination grow over the course of the curriculum.

Ages 7-10: Children learn “Goal Setting, Goal Achievement” through the study of Classical Okinawan Karate. There are 5 kata or forms from white to black belt level which allows promotions to be made as they meet goals. These forms contain self defense moves and grow physical fitness and balance. Beginner sparring and grappling skills begin at this level.

Ages 11+ and Advanced Students: Classes include advanced forms and technique application. More complicated kicking and self defense techniques are performed. Leadership skills are taught as students advance through peer mentoring lower ranked students. Students are encouraged to lead the group in exercise and form as part of testing curriculum.


Fred Channell began his Karate training in 1978, and has trained extensively with karate masters from Okinawa, the birthplace of karate. In 2013, he became a 6th degree master. he has also earned rank in Judo and Iaido, an ancient samurai sword art.

Sensei Fred founded his own school in 2001 to teach his daughters karate. Both daughters became world champions before pursuing education and beginning their careers.

Fred Channell graduated Magna Cum Laude with honors and later earned a Masters in Education from Umass Boston. He holds a Massachusetts teaching license in secondary education and authored the Immortal Patriot.

Contacts  & Questions

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